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By | March 12, 2023


The SAVE HERSHAM GREEN SHOPPING CENTRE CAMPAIGN has started – YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE – by filling in a protest postcard.

ACT NOW! – Please Help
 Send a postcard saying you object to the huge proposed redevelopment of
Hersham Shopping Centre (200 dwellings, 400+ more people, no parking
provision, too many stories high, etc.)
Where to find a protest postcard?
o In your letter box or next to collection boxes at participating local shops – currently: the Ceramics Cafe; Castle Wildish; the Library; Headrush Longmore area; and the shop at Whiteley Village OR otherwise
oJust print on off from the download below: –

THEN just leave the postcard in one of our collection boxes in participating shops in Hersham – or you can post it with a stamp (to the address below).

 You can also send a letter of protest to
Adam Chalmers, Chief Executive Officer
Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre
High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9SD
 Or just email to:
Protect your shopping centre!

All enquiries: Save Hersham Green Shopping Centre Campaign

Tel : 01932 220438 – Mob: 0789 0389 793

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