Summary of Public Meeting 26 October 2023.

By | October 28, 2023

The meeting was extraordinarily well attended with about 340 people, standing room only for most. So sorry that quite a number were unable to get in because of the very high turnout. A big THANK YOU to everybody who made the effort to attend.

Our professional architect and advisor outlined his concerns about the scheme, followed by presentations regarding parking and local traffic, which were supported by surveys that have been carried out over the last few months on a near daily basis. We are very happy to consider any views, opinions, arguments or presentations which do not agree with the following:

1. The proposed development is in contravention of published planning guidelines concerning height, massing, overlooking and overbearance of the residential element, particularly as it affects Havers Ave, Paul Vanson Court and Burhill School. The scheme is against the grain of the surrounding area.

2. The proposed residential development also contravenes published planning guidelines. The proposals indicate 108 units with only 52 car parking spaces, whereas the guidelines state there should be 137 spaces, particularly where local on-street parking stress is a problem and there is no suitable alternative provision.

3. Only 134 spaces are proposed for Waitrose and retail units whereas published guidelines indicate well in excess of 200.

4. The developers have taken no consideration of the use of the car park by local residents or businesses. The proposed new car park is grossly inadequate given the pressure from:
• Requirements of Waitrose and the retail units~
• The many visitors for multiple purposes to the new residential development
• Vital use of the car park by Burhill School
• The Doctors Surgery • Businesses fronting Pleasant Place and Molesey Road
• Visitors to Hersham Riverside
• Visitors to Hersham Green
• Overspill parking for Nurseries, St Peters Church, All Saints Church, Hersham Day Centre and many other users etc. etc.
This car park is a vital facility for Hersham. Vastly reducing its’ capacity may also result in the under-use of Waitrose and other retail units, forcing them out of business. If this happens it will destroy the heart and soul of the village.

5. There was very considerable concern that New Berry Lane Car Park and New Berry Lane itself are vital parts of the proposals and are not in the ownership of the developers but are in the ownership of Elmbridge Borough Council. Views of the meeting ranged from considerable concern to outrage that Elmbridge Borough Council have entered or will enter into an arrangement with the developers that will result in massive negative impact to the residents of Hersham.

There was a question and answer session. All details were noted and will be acted upon.

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