Save Hersham Centre Campaign Leaflet

By | February 12, 2024

A leaflet has been created and distributed to Hersham households to raise awareness of the likely imminent planning application which would substantially affect the centre of our village. The arguments against this development have been set out many times but residents now need to be ready to object to the planning application whenever this is submitted.

For more details and to sign up for further information see the newly created campaign website here

If you haven’t yet had a leaflet delivered through your door in Hersham then a copy is available here where you can download and print it as a pdf if you need further copies.

The HRA has been working with the campaign to help raise awareness and highlight the relevant arguments about lack of parking, less shops, the inappropriate nature of the development – and how all this would blight our village – not just during the development, but also in the longer term by limiting the future of Hersham itself as a viable thriving centre.

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