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Add yourself to our contact list – If you would just like to receive occasional updates from the HRA
please leave your email address below:-

Become a member of the HRA: If proposed developments or other community issues have made you feel would like to join Hersham Residents Association to help maintain a strong community voice in Hersham – it is just £10 a year – please email info@hershamresidents.info and we can forward details of future meetings when you could join or alternative joining options / our bank details etc.
[At the AGM on 19th May 2022 the membership fees were agreed as follows: £10.00  for a general / family membership (and £5:00 as a single person rate) ]
Being a member does not commit you to attending meetings or volunteering for anything if you don’t want to or haven’t got the time.  However, it does help ensure the continuing relevance of the HRA, and provides a small amount of funding to help us operate. Membership funds are used for admin and web costs, expenses and publicity for our AGM in May, and occasional community events and competitions.
It also covers small donations to good causes we support in Hersham such as the local youth club, Friends of Hersham library, Hersham in Bloom, and representing Hersham residents with a remembrance day wreath every year.
[Join by PayPal option – currently under repair – if you would also like to show your support for the work of the HRA by becoming a member CLICK HERE. – this option is currently under repain]
Come to a meeting – we sometime advertise general meetings (including  our AGM) which are open to anyone in Hersham when members and no-members are welcome – keep your eye out for these which are advertised on the blog – and we look forward to seeing you!