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Crucial planning applications for:-

  • Hersham Green Centre (26 April deadline) and
  • Hersham Golf Club (15th April deadline)

Hersham Green Shopping Centre application (ref 2024/0498)

As you may have already seen the planning application to redevelop Hersham Green Shopping Centre has now been submitted for comment.  The deadline for comment is the 26th of April.

The process for commenting is simple – just follow the link here^APPLICATION_NUMBER^=%272024/0498%27&history=bc209924642a4fadb6e66ef6cb6a323f&appno:PARAM=2024/0498&address:PARAM=The%20Hersham%20Centre,%20%20The%20Green,%20Hersham,%20Walton-On-Thames&easting:PARAM=511585&northing:PARAM=164135

and then click ‘make a comment’ and follow it from there.  A few key points:-

  • If you don’t like it click the option ‘object’
  • Put your points across clearly within the guidelines e.g. without being rude of offensive
  • Note that anonymous comments are not counted
  • This is our only opportunity to comment – so DON’T miss it

By way of background, although the developer’s publicity makes it seem like they are doing Hersham a favour – the development would blight Hersham during the construction period and afterwards we would be left with: –

  • Considerably less parking spaces
  • More traffic and congestion
  • Less retail space
  • Less potential for Hersham in future

The HRA and most local people are extremely concerned about the above and numerous other disadvantages which would be likely to seriously threaten the future of Hersham as a viable village centre.  

So what about the advantages?  Well, it’s genuinely hard to think of any.  However, read the campaign website

 if you haven’t already – make your own mind up and then COMMENT. 

Just click on the above link and do it NOW!  You will not get another chance this is it – so it is very important that you must not delay.

Hersham Golf Club (2023/3519) – 221 new dwellings

Another key planning application which is also currently live is the application for development of Hersham Golf Club.  This also out for consultation – this time with a deadline for comment of  15th of April.  Please also take a look at this and comment on the proposed : demolition of the existing golf club structures and re-purposing of the existing golf course to include 221 residential dwellings see^APPLICATION_NUMBER^=%272023/3519%27&appno:PARAM=2023/3519&address:PARAM=Hersham%20Village%20Golf%20Club%20Assher%20Road%20Hersham%20Walton-on-Thames%20Surrey%20KT12%204RA&easting:PARAM=512303&northing:PARAM=165367

We suggest you might want to highlight issues about access routes, traffic congestion on local roads and infrastructure issues generally.

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