HRA Response to the Turners Lane rights of way Inquiry

By | October 1, 2018

The HRA’s response to the above inquiry can be downloaded here.

The response includes a general overview and refers to testimonies from individuals which are also likely to be submitted – these will be IMPORTANT in determining the inquiry.

So, if you have used Turners Lane, particularly from 2001 to 2006 – your submission is still needed, and the HRA would encourage you to respond as soon as you can during October, so it will be in good time to be considered by the inquiry on the 4th December 2018.

We understand that your individual submissions will be particularly valuable if you can cover the following points:

  • When did you used Turners Lane i.e. how often / approximate dates etc?
  • How did you use the lane i.e. by foot bicycle, horseback etc?
  • Why did you use the lane i.e. recreational walk etc or access to the kennels/ stables etc – include any memories of accessing Whiteley Village / Cobham etc
  • What was the condition of the lane especially beyond the kennels?

Please email any responses to:

– otherwise send by post to: –

SCC Restricted byway No 41. ROW/3194376
Mr Clive Richards
Rights of Way Case Officer & Charting Officer
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/G Hawk Wing,
Temple Quay House
2 The Square, temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6PN

The 2018 HRA Sunflower Competition Winner

By | September 30, 2018

Although sunflowers have been less numerous this year, we have a very worthy winner with a 3 meters 24 cms sunflower grown in a front garden on the Burwood Road.  Mr Ned Ruffle (92) is a veteran sunflower grower and his efforts were rewarded with a £25 voucher from Squires.

Sunflower 2018 winner

The HRA would like to thank Squires for their continuing generous support for the Hersham Sunflower Competition.





HRA meeting from 7.00 to 8.00pm on Thursday 20th September 2018

By | September 17, 2018

The next HRA committee meeting will be held from 7.00 – 8.00 on Thursday 20th September 2018 at the Watermans Arms function room, all are welcome – whether you are an HRA member or not. The main items on the agenda will be an update and discussion on Turners Lane, and also on the Village Hall following an Elmbridge meeting about this on the 19th September.

The HRA meeting from 7.00 – 8.00 will precede the separate Hersham Community Council (HCC) meeting at 8.00 (see the post below). This arrangement will make it easier for those wanting to attend both meetings.

Creation of a Community Council (HCC) for Hersham

By | September 12, 2018

The group promoting the creation of a Community Council (HCC) for Hersham are holding weekly informal drop in sessions on Thursdays at the Watermans Arms function room from 8.00. The sessions will continue during the consultation which Elmbridge are running (which ends on 23th October). All are very welcome to come along to listen, ask questions and discuss issues and queries about the initiative and the consultation.

At the last drop in meeting a second edition of an HCC newsletter was made available for delivery in Hersham. This is intended to set out the key points and clearly explain some of the arguments in favour of Hersham having a community council. An advance (electronic) version of the leaflet is available on the Hersham Community Council website here: See Hersham Community Council Website and explanatory leaflet

Residents of Hersham, and people who work in Hersham can express their views as part of the consultation by one of the following options: -

1) via the Council’s website: link to Elmbridge’s on-line comment option – (then click on the green hyperlinked text ‘make comments on-line’)

2) by emailing

3) by writing to:
Ms. B. Greenstein, Head of Democratic Services
Elmbridge Borough Council
Civic Centre
High Street
Surrey KT10 9SD

All responses for and against must arrive no later than 5pm on Tuesday 23 October 2018

Your name and address should be stated clearly on any representations submitted, any representations submitted anonymously will not be taken into account. Elmbridge also state that they will make available for public inspection full copies of all representations it takes into account as part of this review.

Your Voice Matters – Elmbridge event in Hersham

By | September 12, 2018

This is an informal drop-in session where Councillors, partners and relevant Elmbridge Officers will be available to speak to local residents, followed by a presentation and Q&A session with the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council, Councillor Tim Oliver at 7.30pm.

Use the link below to book onto your local Your Voice Matters event in Hersham on Monday 1 October at Hersham Centre for the Community. There are also opportunities to follow and ask questions on-line – see

Sunflower competition 2018

By | September 10, 2018

Sunflowers seem to be maturing later this year. However the judging so far has revealed a clear front runner for the height category – at 3 meters and 24 cms. If you can beat this please send details and a picture to The winner will be announced shortly.

Development at Whiteley Village

By | August 22, 2018

At the HRA committee meeting on 8 August it was noted that a previously refused application to build a significant number of dwellings on Chestnut Meadow in Whiteley Village and additional care facilities in the region of Whiteley Walk was now the subject of an appeal hearing under the jurisdiction of an inspector representing the Secretary of State. There was concern that this development would be detrimental to the wider infrastructure in Hersham and to the rural nature of the intended development area. It was agreed that the HRA would deliver a submission at the hearing objecting to the appeal being lodged by Whiteley Village to have the refusal overturned. The HRA submission was read out at the hearing on 21/08/18 and is posted here on the HRA blog for information.

Turners Lane

By | August 20, 2018

At a well attended HRA meeting at the Bricklayers Arms on 8 August there was concern about developments at Turners Lane triggered by Burhill Estates recent moves to claim legal ownership of the lane. There was speculation that this might lead to an intensification of use and eventual two way traffic to the golf club designed to service further facilities to be developed at the club in future. It was understood that Hersham councillors would be meeting with Burhill Estates to discuss the matter.

It was suggested that those who live on Turners Lane, should link up to discuss next steps to express their views most effectively. It was agreed that the HRA would also make representations to express their views about the potential intensification of use of the lane in line with their previous comments in 2016. HRA 2016 response to Turners Lane developments

As a separate, but related issue it was noted that Burhill had objected to Surrey County Council’s consultation to assign ‘restricted byway’ status to Turners Lane. This objection triggered an appeal procedure – to be determined by a government inspector towards the end of the year. Whilst it was understood that the status of a ‘restricted byway’ would not prevent the golf club and its members using the lane, it was felt that it might help check substantial further development. It was agreed that the HRA would write to the Government Inspector in October to express their support for making Turners Lane a restricted byway.

Hersham Village Hall Update from Elmbridge

By | July 19, 2018

At the full council meeting of Elmbridge Borough held on 18 July, an announcement was made that the Council will be seeking views on a comprehensive redevelopment on the site of Hersham Centre and Hall. An extract from the post on Elmbridge B Council’s website states:

“ In consultation with the residents and key stakeholders we will look to create a state of the art community hub facility. We have a fantastic opportunity to bring together leisure facilities, community social events, perhaps even health facilities in one building, a building that is fit for purpose and not one that is patched together and a building that will form a focal point for the whole community. We will seek approval in the autumn to conduct a project feasibility study with a view to progressing the rebuild as soon as possible.
The full post can be accessed on the elmbridge website

Hersham Residents Association should play an important role in helping to promote discussion and feeding back views to Elmbridge. Our committee will have this on the agenda for their next meeting on 20 September. Please email for further details.

Hersham Community Council, Some Significant Developments

By | July 18, 2018

Hersham Community Council logoFollowing the submission of a petition from the Hersham Community Council Steering Group, Elmbridge Council, has set the wheels in motion to carry out a formal review on the proposal to create a Community Council by getting the opinions of local people and organisations.

For more detailed information about the Community Council including what it is, how it would operate, and why it would be beneficial for Hersham, see the HCCSG website

The terms of reference for the consultation were agreed with the Hersham Community Council Steering Group, and were endorsed by Elmbridge Councillors at a full council meeting on 18 July. The agenda for this meeting included a helpful report which explains the background and more about the consultation (called a community governance review), the report can be found on the Council’s website click here

The report agreed by councillors suggests a timetable as follows:

28 August 2018 Council to publish Terms of Reference.
Eight-week consultation period commences with local people and interested parties.
23 October 2018 at 5.00 p.m. Closing date for consultation period.
24 October 2018 Period of consideration of submissions received starts. Final recommendations are prepared for Council meeting.
5 December 2018 Council to consider consultation responses and determine final recommendations.
10 December 2018 Final recommendations are published – concluding the Review and initiating any required actions.