HRA Update from the AGM

By | May 28, 2015

The 2015 AGM on 21 May went very well and we had a good number attending – the following gives a brief overview of the meeting.

Chairman’s Report: All agreed that one of the highlights from last year was the Christmas Hersham lights switch-on ‘spectacular’ attended by the Mayor. A repeat of this community event was agreed for 12th December 2015. Other social / community events were reported including a Walton v Hersham pub quiz at the Ashley Park, and a successful Big Lunch event to be repeated this year on 7th June 2015. This years Sunflower competition was also mentioned.

Routine meetings of the committee and newsletters / messages for members, were noted, and special attention was drawn to the creation of the Hersham Hub during the year and some HRA content now posted on it. Key HRA consultation responses on local issues during the year included one about EBC and Hersham boundary changes.

Donations to Hersham Food Bank; Hersham in Bloom and Friends of Hersham Library also were noted.

The following links to a full version of the AGM Chair’s Report on 21st May 2015 which explains the HRA’s activities during the year in more detail.

Speakers and discussion

The formal AGM business was followed by a public meeting to discuss Hersham boundary changes. John O’Reilly, Leader of EBC introduced the subject and explained that some ward boundary changes are a consequence of a reduction in the number of councillors to 48 across EBC as recommended by the Boundaries Commission. It was explained that each ward should contain roughly the same number of voters under the ‘election by thirds’ voting system which applies in EBC. It was understood that the Commission will make initial recommendations for boundary changes in June which will be subject to public consultation from June – August.  The HRA will keep its members informed about this. The final recommendations of the Commission won’t be known until December 2015.

Anthony Sheppard, until recently a long standing members of Claygate Parish Council then outlined what parish councils do and some of their advantages and disadvantages. The general consensus of HRA members at the meeting was that it was not the right time to consider the establishment of a Hersham Parish Council, given the current pending boundary changes.  However the matter might be revisited if the future Hersham boundaries indicates that a parish council might help secure a clear identify and sense of place which might otherwise be eroded.





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