Hersham Park ; a proposed development of 600 extra homes in Hersham on the current Hersham Golf Club site

By | December 9, 2021

Most Hersham residents will by now have received a brochure through the letterbox about the above, or have looked at details on the developer’s website https://hershamparkconsultation.co.uk/.  If this initiative went ahead it would mean over 600 additional units of accommodation in Hersham.  Whilst we are sympathetic to the need for adequate housing, the effects of such a development in Hersham would be significant in terms of the local roads which are already congested, and infrastructure generally including facilities such as Drs surgery capacity.  

Many HRA members who attended the recent briefing session hosted by the developers were very concerned about the proposals and felt it would be important for local residents of any political party, and Hersham organisations generally, to come together to consider the issues and representative responses. The HRA, given its non-political status would be in a good position to help facilitate this; and to take this forward it has been suggested that a public meeting should be held early in the new year to share views and any further information about the plans which may be available at that time.  The meeting would be important to gauge the strength of local feeling, so the HRA and others can engage with the developers and Elmbridge Council accordingly.

A date for the meeting has not yet been fixed, but it is likely to be held on a weekday evening towards the end of January.  A traditional public meeting is envisaged – but if absolutely necessary due to covid issues, an alternative video meeting could be held instead.  Any views, thoughts, ideas about the development and / or the proposed meeting, please mailto:Hersham.Residents@gmail.com.  If you would like to join our mailing list for this and other matters of importance relating to Hersham please click here.  If you would like to join our mailing list for this and other matters of importance relating to Hersham please click on the link below: –

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