Report of the HRA AGM / Public Meeting on 16 May 2019

By | May 21, 2019

The following provides a summary of some of the key points from the AGM held on 16 May – (minutes are available here which you might want to refer to for more detail).

The AGM heard that the committee had met 10 times during the year to review planning and Hersham issues and discuss consultations affecting Hersham. The recent EBC elections were noted and Hersham Councillor Mary Sheldon was congratulated on her new position as Mayor.

Key planning / development related issues highlighted during the year included, the rejection of the Drake Park proposals – although it was noted that further consultation on the local plan was pending this year. The planned re-opening of the village hall, the new public restricted byway status of Turners Lane and also the successful lobby against further building at Whiteley Village were all welcomed – and the HRA’s contribution to these outcomes was recognised.

Improvements at Hersham Riverside were also welcomed and progress towards a leaflet to promote this overlooked Hersham asset was noted.

The HRA’s involvement in the sunflower competition, Remembrance Day and a Hersham Christmas social event were also noted.

The Chairman reflected on the death of Andrew Sturgis and reported that a tree is to be planted in the autumn by the HRA in the Memorial Gardens to commemorate Andrew and his contribution to Hersham and the HRA.

The work of many HRA members during the year to help create a community council for Hersham was noted.  The rejection of this proposal following Elmbridge’s consultation was disappointing, but emphasised the need for the HRA to continue to try and do some of the good works that were envisaged for delivery by the Community Council.

Subscriptions and membership: Membership had not changed significantly since last year, and an increase in members would be welcomed.  It was decided to keep the membership subs the same for 2017/8 at £5 a year per household/ family with a reduction for a five-year membership of £20. It was decided for the time being that a membership option should remain available for individuals who choose to pay a lower rate of £2.50 per year with a reduction to £10 for 5 years.

After the treasurers report the AGM agreed some small donations to Hersham in Bloom, the Hersham Youth Trust and Friends of Hersham Library with a proviso that the actual use of the money donated could be identified.

The Chair reported that he and Jean Campbell would be standing down from their roles as chairman and treasurer.

Public discussion forum

Guest Speaker: – Jackie Richardson, Hersham’s new vicar, gave an excellent talk about St Peter’s community work highlighting the Foodbank that provided 2098 meals last year, the Fellowship Group which meets in the Church Hall 1.30 every Thursday and the playgroup Gems.

Hersham Beer Festival: – Ian Warner reported on the event’s new venue this year on Vauxmead and the considerable work done by the organisers to engage with the HRA and residents locally to make the event a success was noted and welcomed.

Friends of Hersham Library: – Sue Mealor reported that the current consultation on library services is yet to report, and real concerns remain around future funding, Sue noted Cllr J O’Reilly’s strong support, and highlighted some recent improvements to the windows and garden.

Hersham Youth Trust: – It was noted that SCC funding of youth workers had been cut and funding from other sources including EBC, Walton Charities and St Peters together with income from a nursery using the premises was being used to keep the club solvent.  The use of volunteers was also increasingly important to keep the club going.

David Lock

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