Hersham Community Council (the HCC) – campaign outcome

By | December 9, 2018

Campaigners have been promoting the creation of a community council for Hersham for over 2 years. Following the collection of over 750 petition signatures in favour of the proposal, Elmbridge Council carried of a formal review – the results from which were put to the full council at Elmbridge for discussion on 5th December.

However, the feedback from local residents who responded to the review was not overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal, and a majority did not want a community council created. After a short discussion, it was unanimously confirmed that a community council would not be created. The councillors representing Hersham acknowledged the work of the HCC Steering Group and recognised that HCC supporters would be disappointed. See details now posted on EBC website here : report of outcome on EBC website

Supporting the HRA

Whilst the HRA is entirely voluntary and has only minimal resources compared to a Parish or Community Council – it can if well supported do some useful things that a community council would have done. It has been suggested that those who would like to see some of the benefits of a community council, but at a fraction of the cost, should join the HRA.

Please CLICK HERE to become a member or join our growing mailing list of local people who would just like to keep in touch with the HRA by receiving very occasional email news and updates. The HRA is not political and would welcome anyone with an interest in Hersham to join us or to be added to our ‘occasional mailing list’ to help us stay in touch with the community.

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