Response to the Elmbridge Borough consultation on the possible creation of a community council for Hersham

By | November 1, 2018

Based on the feedback we have received, the vast majority of our members are in favour of the creation of a community council for Hersham, and the HRA response reflected this view.

We see a community council as a way of delivering the aims of the HRA in a much more effective way through a body with an official status that can help provide community cohesion and raise a small amount of funding for use locally.

Although there are those who understandably do not want to pay more council tax, our impression is that the most Hersham residents are in favour of creating a community council when the arguments are clearly explained; in particular, when it is made clear that money raised in Hersham would be spent in Hersham to provide grants or small scale services, improvements or programmes which would not otherwise be provided by the borough or county.

The HRA’s full response to this very important consultation on Hersham’s future is available here 

The response includes the above text and provides some further details and more background.

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