Turners Lane

By | August 20, 2018

At a well attended HRA meeting at the Bricklayers Arms on 8 August there was concern about developments at Turners Lane triggered by Burhill Estates recent moves to claim legal ownership of the lane. There was speculation that this might lead to an intensification of use and eventual two way traffic to the golf club designed to service further facilities to be developed at the club in future. It was understood that Hersham councillors would be meeting with Burhill Estates to discuss the matter.

It was suggested that those who live on Turners Lane, should link up to discuss next steps to express their views most effectively. It was agreed that the HRA would also make representations to express their views about the potential intensification of use of the lane in line with their previous comments in 2016. HRA 2016 response to Turners Lane developments

As a separate, but related issue it was noted that Burhill had objected to Surrey County Council’s consultation to assign ‘restricted byway’ status to Turners Lane. This objection triggered an appeal procedure – to be determined by a government inspector towards the end of the year. Whilst it was understood that the status of a ‘restricted byway’ would not prevent the golf club and its members using the lane, it was felt that it might help check substantial further development. It was agreed that the HRA would write to the Government Inspector in October to express their support for making Turners Lane a restricted byway.

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