Hersham Community Council, Some Significant Developments

By | July 18, 2018

Hersham Community Council logoFollowing the submission of a petition from the Hersham Community Council Steering Group, Elmbridge Council, has set the wheels in motion to carry out a formal review on the proposal to create a Community Council by getting the opinions of local people and organisations.

For more detailed information about the Community Council including what it is, how it would operate, and why it would be beneficial for Hersham, see the HCCSG website

The terms of reference for the consultation were agreed with the Hersham Community Council Steering Group, and were endorsed by Elmbridge Councillors at a full council meeting on 18 July. The agenda for this meeting included a helpful report which explains the background and more about the consultation (called a community governance review), the report can be found on the Council’s website click here

The report agreed by councillors suggests a timetable as follows:

28 August 2018 Council to publish Terms of Reference.
Eight-week consultation period commences with local people and interested parties.
23 October 2018 at 5.00 p.m. Closing date for consultation period.
24 October 2018 Period of consideration of submissions received starts. Final recommendations are prepared for Council meeting.
5 December 2018 Council to consider consultation responses and determine final recommendations.
10 December 2018 Final recommendations are published – concluding the Review and initiating any required actions.

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